About us

Hello, nice to have you here. This is Bruno and Yael , the founders of Beach Roots Surf Center, speaking. Both of us have been working in different sectors of the tourism industry for several years. As hostel owners, tour guides, receptionist and surf instructors, we have gained a lot of experience and were able to observe how tourism affects people and places differently.

Born in the country with one of the best surfing conditions in Europe, Portugal, it didn’t take long for Bruno to get hooked to the sport. Competing for a couple of years at both national and international level he eventually turned to teaching and completed his training with the FPS (Federação Portuguesa de Surf) to become a surf instructor. His experience of over 15 years teaching in many different places makes him an excellent teacher. While he is ensuring that students are both safe and having fun, his easy understandable explanations make people come back for more.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Yael grew up in a country with many different cultures and languages. Traveling became something close to her heart as she can combine her joy of learning new languages, meeting new people and cultures.The inspiration found along the way she adds to the project and makes sure that every guest is remembered and enjoys the best holiday they can. Moreover she will make sure you get to experience the Greek Philoxenia, with an extra touch of Swiss precision.

Seeing the impact of mankind in the world, not only in tourism, we both are very keen to try to keep our business the least invasive to nature. We believe in recycling, Eco friendliness and sustainability. So in 2018 we decided to tackle the challenge and start our own project. Joining all the characteristics we have been looking for in other places we decided on Lemnos, the spot we know best and Beach Roots Surf Center was born.


Our philosophy

At Beach Roots Surf Center our main goal is to combine fun, respect and ecological awareness. When you join us in our Surf Center we want you to have an amazing and memorable stay. Therefore we treat our guest but also the environment with utmost respect.

The roots of surfing  go back to having fun. At Beach Roots we want you to be able to take advantage of that privilege for much longer. As Surfers we also know that in order to do so we need to take care of the environment. With our oceans filled with plastic, polluted beaches and ecosystems being destroyed, it is very important to us to make a difference. By bringing people together to enjoy our passion, surfing, we can reach this goal.

Days full of different activities such as exciting surf lessons, educational beach cleanings, challenging board workshops and fun social gatherings are expecting you at our Surf Center. Together we can make a change and have a great time enjoying the waves. We are looking forward to meet you and to share our passion with you. Your Beach Roots Team.